Trends in properties and API development

Trends in properties and API development 

In a world increasingly focused on people’s health, the pharmaceutical industry plays a key role in providing effective and safe medicines. The core of the pharmaceutical production relies on the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), which are the essential components responsible for the therapeutic action of the drugs. 

These substances have specific pharmacological properties that enable drugs to fulfill their therapeutic function. To produce them with maximum quality guarantees, it is important to have high-tech industrial methodologies and processes, as well as to comply with good manufacturing practice (GMP) regulations, both in development stage and during commercial production.  

In this article, we will analyze the current trends in the pharmaceutical sector related to APIs and their production, what challenges they entail and what the keys to address them are. 


Main properties of APIs 

During their life cycle, the APIs are evaluated and selected for their ability to interact with biological systems and provide the desired effect. Their therapeutic activity can encompass a wide range of functions, such as inhibiting viral replication, regulating immune response or modulating enzyme activity.  

In addition, they are designed to target specific processes in the body, allowing them to interact selectively with receptors on the affected cells or tissues, thus minimizing unwanted side effects.   

While it is true that the active pharmaceutical ingredients market has traditionally been dominated by certain widely used drugs, demand is now increasingly shifting towards the development of more complex APIs for more targeted therapies. A trend consistent, in fact, with the implementation of increasingly personalized medicine.   

One of the consequences of this specificity is that the target population for drugs tends to shrink, as do therapeutic doses and the annual demand for APIs. But, in parallel, the availability of different APIs is increasing. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve more effective treatments for more complex and rare conditions. 

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