Our Vision is to become a first choice global CDMO and a center of excellence for the manufacture of high-quality products for our customers.


Our Mission is to make people’s lives better by manufacturing and supplying the pharmaceutical industry with high-quality products and reliable services.



Customer orientation

Our customer focus and commitment drives us to know our clients, understand their needs and deliver value.



We challenge ourselves to deliver better results, achieve our goals, evolve and adapt to obstacles to find solutions.


Operational Excellence

We ensure that our activities and processes are carried out per the highest standards of excellence because we pride ourselves on demonstrating compliance with all applicable regulatory standards while investing in a continuous improvement culture.


Team Excellence

We cooperate to achieve common goals, creating a positive, innovative and continuous learning environment that enables our teams to push for excellence.



We quickly adapt our business approaches to new situations because we are smart when it comes to flexibility.



We seek new perspectives and vision to implement creative solutions in new and different ways to achieve our goals.

Why AGC Pharma Chemicals?

We confront challenges head-on to achieve our goals.

Using the highest standards of excellence and teamwork, we have created a positive, inclusive, respectful, and diverse work environment where all opinions count.

Our processes are created using innovative solutions and produced to satisfy all our customers’ requirements.


We are committed to equal opportunities where everyone is recognized as equal in terms of the rights and obligations in the social context within which they live, work, and participate.

We are convinced that gender equality is important to our company, and in 2018 the first Equality Plan was signed. This plan establishes the objectives and actions to achieve full equality opportunities and familiarize all collaborators and the society that surrounds us.

Social Benefits

To help improve the lives of our collaborators and stakeholders, AGC Pharma Chemicals has various social benefits, such as flexible hours, restaurant tickets, yearly school allowance, natality bonus, life insurance, children’s camps, social club, seniority awards, etc.

Environment Health and Safety

We operate in a socially responsible manner to reduce our environmental impact and strengthen the social well-being of our collaborators while implementing programs to enhance and support the community because we are committed to doing business with a sustainable mindset.

People are our greatest asset, and that is why we work to make the workplace as safe as possible. We thoroughly evaluate any occupational risks derived from our activities and establish preventive measures to eliminate or reduce them to a minimum.

Social Responsibility

Our products are designed to positively impact people’s health, and our goal is to take this further.

Through our social responsibility activities, we contribute to improving people’s lives and the environment. Our social responsibility policy establishes four priority lines: A close community, Health, Childhood, and The natural environment.

The experience of working in AGC

Carmen de Rosendo

Director of Enviroment, Health and Safety

Takuma Yamamoto

Head of Strategic Planning & Marketing

Daniel Caparrós

Metrology and Instrumentation Supervisor

Evelyne Quinton

Process Development Chemist

Sole Lozano

Analyst of IPC Laboratory

Marc Rodón

Production Operator

Professional Development

Our principal asset is our people, which translates into internal promotion policies that guarantee people’s professional and human development.

We are in a competitive and constantly changing sector, so we offer our team constant training to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for their development, allowing them to achieve excellence.

Which department would you like to work in?

Business Development

& Marketing

Our Business Development and Marketing department understands how to communicate our value proposition and every facet of the broad service we offer to our new and existing customers. The voice of our customer’s echoes throughout our organization to develop trusted long-term partnerships with our customers and execute our corporate commercial strategy.


Research and Development

Research and Development  (R&D) is essential for developing new products and is an integral part of our growth strategy through innovation. Joining our R&D team is a guaranteed bright future.

Project Management

Our project managers support our customer´s goals with expertise and business know-how. Managing people, processes and teams and reaching deadlines with the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Production – Logistics

This is where our ideas are transformed and make it possible for our products to reach their destination. We are passionate about what we do, and we always seek continuous improvement and excellence in our operations.


The Engineering department is responsible for designing and implementing automation and digitization technologies and systems, are also responsible for maintaining the installations, ensuring that they operate correctly throughout their lifecycle. Additionally, they manage the company’s fixed assets and investments.


Our Quality department is committed to the highest standards of excellence, which is one of our main objectives. They are is essential in adding value to our products so they reach GMP’s compliance standards by which we are governed.

Environment, Health & Safety

We are committed to looking after the environment and the health of the people who work with us. All the chemical companies within the AGC Group are committed to sustainability because chemistry and the planet are not incompatible.

Support Functions

Human Resources

Our employees are our primary asset. We promote their development, motivation, and family life. The well-being and satisfaction of our people is a crucial factor for our success because, without it, we would not be the same.


The Finance department is key to our business planning and control of the cash flow.  We have specialists across many disciplines and experts in controlling, surety, treasury, accounting, and auditing, who are responsible for optimizing our resources.

Information Technology (IT)

Our IT team encourages innovation by providing technological solutions based on efficient and intelligent hardware and software solutions. They create value with data management, supporting business processes effectively, promoting connectivity, and maintaining safety and quality standards.


Purchasing sources all the necessary supplies based upon the highest quality standards so that our processes are the most effective they can be.

Do you want to work with us?

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    Did you know?


    With an average seniority of 15 years, 70% of our workforce have been with the company for more than 10 years.


    35% of the workforce have completed university.


    Every year we put our employees through more than 12,000 hours of training which boosts innovation and guarantees a quality product every time.