Embracing Responsible Water Management and Savings

Reverse osmosis equipment for water purification
Reverse osmosis equipment for water purification

Embracing Responsible Water Management and Savings

As a vital resource, water serves multifaceted purposes in our processes, from acting as a raw material to facilitating heat transfer and supporting infrastructure maintenance. However, with water scarcity becoming an increasingly pressing global issue, companies must recognize responsible water management. At AGC Pharma Chemicals, we are committed to implementing sustainable water management practices that minimize our ecological footprint while ensuring operational efficiency.

Addressing water savings: a proactive approach

Our water consumption primarily relies on underground aquifers (97%), and only 3% from the municipal network. We have 6 properly authorized, constructed and protected wells from which we draw water for the different uses of the manufacturing plant. In the last 25 years, we have reduced the quantity of water withdrawn from the aquifer by more than 90%.

Each drop of water we utilize undergoes rigorous treatment to meet stringent industrial and pharmaceutical standards, ensuring optimal quality and safety.

In response to escalating water scarcity concerns, we have implemented proactive measures to reduce our water footprint and mitigate the environmental impact. In late 2022, as part of the local directives in Catalonia (Spain), we devised a strategy to reduce water consumption without compromising production efficiency.

Our efforts resulted in a 41% reduction in average annual water consumption. This achievement underscores our unwavering commitment to sustainability and resource conservation.

Building resilience and ensuring business continuity

Recognizing drought prevention, we established a plan encompassing proactive measures such as daily water procedure monitoring, processes optimization, re-use sampling water purges, re-circulation of our Wastewater Treatment Plant water for dilution, etc.

By defining strategies and implementing targeted actions, we ensure operational resilience and business continuity even in the face of adverse environmental conditions.

To augment our water management capabilities, we have implemented monitoring systems and conducted comprehensive assessments to identify key consumption areas. In 2022, the main consumers were identified, new meters were installed, and a metrics system was established for the strict control of water consumption.

By establishing metrics for consumption control, we empower ourselves to set medium-term improvement objectives aimed at optimizing our water usage efficiency.

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