GMP Kilo Lab with HAPI capability

GMP Kilo lab with HAPI capability

Our R&D laboratory integrates a GMP Kilo Lab that provides great flexibility and agility to manage projects and productions while meeting safety, environmental and product quality requirements.

Technical characteristics and capabilities

  • The installation can handle high active pharmaceutical ingredients (HAPI) OEB4 (1-10 µg/m3).
  • It has two lines with reactors of 50L and 70L that are able to work at a temperature range of -80ºC to 190ºC; and a filter drier of 80L resulting in a potential maximum batch size of about 7Kg.
  • Both reactors and filter drier are made of Hastelloy, a material that can resist a large number of reactions including corrosive elements such as fluoride and acid derivatives.


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